Real Conversation

Okay Tumblr stop pretending you care.

I was sitting in class when this dude looks over to me.

Dude: “You look like you’d be the type of person to have a company.”

Me: “Me? Really? Why’s that?”

Dude: “Yeah, I don’t know why- but I’m so certain about it.”

Me: “Oh, well, thank you!”

Dude: “Yeah, you’ll be the boss running everything in your company. I’ll be probably be the person working under you people.”

Bell rings.

I don’t know this guy, and he doesn’t know me.. but I find it so interesting he’d say something like that, out of the blue. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy, in fact really causal. How did he know?

Smoke Hate

I’m in a bus.

Girl: “Do your parents know?”

Blonde girl: “Yeah, I think everyone knows. My dad knows I do it. My step mom doesn’t care. My grandma is like ‘me too!’”

I’m there looking out the window. She sounds like it’s something to be proud of. Ha.

It’s a sad world. Not that she smokes weed. The fact she comes in this damn bus, sits next to me, smelling like smoke. I can’t flipping BREATHE. Can she not smell herself? It smells awful! Seriously right before school? You got to be kidding me!

Love it!
  • Walking to class when I hear this.
  • Assistant: "So how was your summer? You look like you lost a lot of weight! How'd you do it?"
  • Teacher: "Thanks! All I did was I started eating healthy."

Anonymous asked:

Give some examples for what calms people better than weed then. The video just proved my point. You misunderstood. I didn't mean to say you dislike both drugs and people. I meant to say, "you dislike drugs, and yet people still ask you questions about it" A smart person would've understood that after reading the whole message without me having to add a comma. I tried reading it the way you did & it made no sense, so how did ur brain not put it together? If ur not booksmart at least open ur mind.

I believe you misconstrued my message. When I said “better” I meant more healthier. The point of the video is that I can observe the said effects without having to toke it up. “A smart person would have understood,” is opinionated. Calling me dumb doesn’t make you smarter, just saying. I just read your message how it was…

Just a few alternatives to weed without the harmful consequences: meditation, light exercise, aerobics, yoga, a walk in nature (no weed included haha) cooking, hiking, writing, petting an animal, conversing, reading, sports, playing music, listening to music, etc. I honestly don’t care how people use their pastime, the point isn’t I abhor weed. I just honestly believe that you can get similar if not better (health-wise) recreational alternatives, which is simply my opinion so why argue! No hate intended :)

Anonymous asked:

funny how u make posts about how u dislike drugs & people still anon-ask u about weed, but here's an anon about weed. I smoke weed & It is one of the safest drugs to take. It's not one of those "take a hit once & get addicted for life" & it's easy to stop (I've done it, easier than me trying to cut out cake in my life) If u had the chance to smoke it would u? From ur post it's clear that you've never done it?? Even if it's just to try it out & see the actual effect or to learn from it would u?

"funny how u make posts about how u dislike drugs & people." I don’t dislike people lol I just question their choices. You say safe? I just don’t see how inhaling smoke into your lungs can be healthy at all!  I haven’t done my research yet but that for a fact I know. People claim it calms them, but there are so many different and even better alternatives. Good for you that you’re not addicted to it (sugar is like a drug too haha) but many people are. 

Project Shutdown: How Tumblr changed me

I remember when my friend introduced me to Tumblr. She told me “It’s like instagram but 100 times better” to quote it. I was thinking you post images from your device and have your own profile type thing. When she showed me, I was really confused, “These aren’t your pictures..” I told her, “Yeah they’re not, I re-blog them.” She said “Re-blog them?” I was very new to this. “Why don’t you post your own pictures? Why do you re-blog someone else’s thing? Isn’t that like stealing? Where is the uh, creativity in this?” I didn’t really like the idea, and it felt uncomfortable posting something that wasn’t mine. Actually really uncomfortable. It felt fake to me.

So since I didn’t have a camera, I made blog post that were 100% me, because these conversations actually happened. Anyways, my friend hated it (my blog, this blog). So I made another where I try this reblogging thing. After a while I got used to it, postings images that weren’t mine. (If you’re a heavy Tumblr user, stop reading already-you’re probably hate me for saying all this.) I’d post happy things, my friend? Not so much. 

Anyways then my friend was asking how much followers I had, I told her one. She asked how many people I was following, only one, which was her. Why follow anyone else I don’t know? And I didn’t care about followers at all.

Continuing on, I was experimental, (live for the experiences) and I made a blog just for followers and things that were “popular” on Tumblr (the dark side of Tumblr). This involves everything I hate(d) but that people praise in Tumblr; so; cigarettes, nasty making-out scenes, depression, apathy, fast food, pretty much everything superficial and unhappy (seriously all the nudes on Tumblr are just so nasty, does nobody even notice?) (And yeah I’m gonna get some hate mail tonight, whatever). The point of this experiment was to see how much images can effect you, and how followers effect your Tumblr. Ha, so everyday I re-blogged and hated what I posted. Then, soon after- I noticed the images really were effecting me, negative thoughts came rushing in my mind like never before, I started to get anxiety, had trouble making decisions, and the line between “good”, “bad” and “cool” were all being blurred. I generally am a happy person and I am confident about my weight. This blog made me feel as though I needed to loose weight. Then worst things happened, I started to want to drink, smoke, and other things that were unnecessary and harmful to me. The worst part was when I collected so much followers, it felt more like a bad addiction than an experiment. I wanted to stop, but I felt as though I would let my followers down.

I had to have some alone time to regain my senses. I decided all my followers were fake anyway, they don’t care about my blog, and the means in which I’ve got them were a follow-for-a-follow, meaning, they just followed back because I followed them. Even though some reblogged my reblogs, I felt really bad about it. For one, it’s not mine, I didn’t create any of it, so they’re not praising me, they’re praising whoever took the picture. And second, it meant I was promoting all the shit I hated/hate. Think about it, when you reblog something, you’re exposing the next person with that content, whether it being a positive message or a negative one. And lets face it (you’re really going to hate me now, but remember this is mostly opinionated) the teen side of Tumblr is mostly made up of superficial things. What’s wrong with superficial? You may ask, well, in moderation, it’s quite okay. But Tumblr goes over moderation, it’s full on. Being superficial and all about how you look (it’s great to want to be the best you can be in and out, but Tumblr takes it too far with outter shell-pursing superficially above everything else) and/or impressing the online audience the wrong way will make you unhappy in the end. It will crush your self-esteem, because you’re just pretending. It’s not you. And pretending is left for actresses/actors, in the end of the day, they go back to being themselves.

Window Stalking

It’s night time, mom is in the kitchen. I walk in.


Mom: “What? Who?”


Mom: “Where? I don’t see him.”


Brother comes in.


Mom: “How does he look like?”

Synchronized brother and I “HE’S AN OLD MAN!”

Me: “I’m leaving I’m creeped out.”

Bro leaves too.

3 minutes later I go back to the kitchen.

Me: “Is that Bry outside? What’s he doing out there?” (Bry is my stepdad)

Mom: “I sent him out there to find the creepy man that was peering through our window.”

Me: “Oh my God mom, I was just joking! You believed my super fake acting? If an old dude was staring at me from the kitchen window, I wouldn’t be so calm! And to just go to my room like it never happened?”

She’s so gullible. Adorable though, lol.

Anonymous asked:

Hi me from befor. I no actuall have acount here. I just cume here for freind from acount here

Ah okay, well if you ever think about making your own account, it takes about two minutes :)

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